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About Awaken Your Soul Iboga Treatments

Awaken Your Soul offers a warm and nurturing approach for those seeking deep healing and more peace in their lives. We believe that the dis-ease and disconnection we suffer is rooted in the childhood and without truly understanding how we adapted to feel safer as little people, we can never fully heal. Our trauma-informed team is very comfortable and honored to support all levels of life experience and soul disconnection. Our intention is for guests to feel profoundly safe and comfortable to explore their deepest truths, and for some this is the first time they connect to a sense of safety.

These retreats are not a “vacation” but rather a departure from an old, stale and often uncomfortable way of being. Iboga is an incredibly powerful tool for healing trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety and many other​ aspects of our lives. Though this is not a “magic pill”, if someone is ready, one week with the Iboga plant medicine can be truly transformational, we see this over and over and over again.

This time offers our guests the opportunity to experience an elevated state of consciousness combined with integration support, healing foods, breath-work, art therapy, yoga, meditation, soul healing, reiki and an open and safe environment for people to feel greatly supported to explore themselves in the most profound way possible.




We Are Our Own Healers

Awaken Your Soul was born from a magnetic pull to spread the healing of this sacred medicine. Our work with medicinal plants, specifically Iboga, as well as multiple other healing modalities, has helped us save our own lives on many levels. We have uncovered our undeniable beauty, personal awareness, and truths within the human condition that we feel committed to sharing as part of our life’s work.